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Ready for a fresh start?  We are experienced chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys near Swanton, Ohio.  Located just 20 minutes east of Swanton, Ohio, we offer easy access just off US-23 onto West Central Avenue.  Or if you want to avoid the highway, simply take County Road 1 to Central Avenue and we are about 15 minutes east, located between McCord Road and US-23. No matter how you get here, an inviting office, free parking, and an experienced bankruptcy attorney will be here for you..  We invite you to see what others are already saying about our bankruptcy attorney services, please feel free to click on our actual client reviews.   

With almost 12 years of bankruptcy law experience, we have successfully helped many clients from Swanton, Ohio and all of Fulton County, Ohio.  We are caring and professional bankruptcy attorneys who are ready to exceed your expectations.  Let us be your guide through the bankruptcy filing process.  We are a full service bankruptcy law firm offering Chapter 7 bankruptcy services, Chapter 13 bankruptcy services, and non-bankruptcy solutions such as creditor negotiations. During your initial free office consultation, we can answer your bankruptcy related questions and help craft an individualized strategy for handling your mounting debt.

CLIENT AMENITIES include free onsite parking, elevator on premises, clean and modern law office, safe and beautiful exterior surroundings, easy access via traffic light on W. Central Avenue, complimentary beverage, and a friendly staff here to serve you.

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BENEFITS to filing for bankruptcy relief may include stopping wage garnishments, preventing utility shut offs, ending collection calls, stopping creditor lawsuits, ending home foreclosures, obtaining relief from medical bills, and wiping out high interest credit card debt.  Specific benefits vary with each client and their individual circumstances.  Call today to schedule your FREE consultation and see what we can do for you.  (419) 725-9300. Don’t just take our word for it, see our client reviews.

During your FREE initial bankruptcy consultation, our experienced bankruptcy attorney will listen to your concerns and carefully tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.  Whether your situation calls for a bankruptcy solution (chapter 7 or 13) or a non-bankruptcy solution, we will stand by your side throughout the entire bankruptcy process.

Our attorney fees are both competitive and reasonable.  Balancing value and attorney experience helps maximize your bankruptcy law experience.  If you will be filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief, then be sure to ask about our “Experss File Program” discount.  New clients who are able to complete the program requirements and file within 2 weeks of their initial FREE consultation, can save money.





Bankruptcy Exemptions In Ohio: Ohio is considered an “opt out state” meaning that all bankruptcy exemptions come from Ohio Revised Code 2329.66, rather than a Federal source of exemptions. Not all states “opt out of the Federal bankruptcy exemptions. For example, our clients from Michigan have the option to between Michigan statutory exemptions (MCL) or Federal bankruptcy exemptions. In other words, Michigan chose not to “opt out” of the Federal exemptions.

Ohio Debtors filing for relief under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will want to become familiar with the applicable Ohio bankruptcy exemptions before filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. For educational purposes, bankruptcy exemptions help protect some or all of a debtor’s assets, including personal residence, motor vehicle, household items, professional tools of trade, and more. Real and/or personal property that is deemed not to be covered by a bankruptcy exemption, can be at risk of liquidation in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Be sure to discuss all of your assets with your bankruptcy attorney prior to filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. The following is a partial list of chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions in Ohio:

  • Personal Residence ($136,925.00)
  • One Motor Vehicle ($3,775.00)
  • Cash, Liquid Money ($475.00)
  • Household Items ($600.00 per item; $12,625.00 aggregate)
  • Jewelry ($1,600.00)
  • Professional Tools of Trade ($2,400.00)
  • Most Personal Injury Awards ($23,700.00)
  • Wildcard Exemption ($1,250.00)

The above Ohio bankruptcy exemptions are subject to periodic change and anyone considering filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy relief should consult with a bankruptcy attorney for the most updated figures.

Making Sense of Bankruptcy Exemptions: For educational purposes, it may help to think of a chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption as a “shield against exposed equity” pertaining to your real and personal property. By exposed equity, we suggest thinking of what your net profit might be if you sold the item. Following are 2 hypothetical examples of chapter 7 bankruptcy exemptions at work as they relate to a vehicle. The first example demonstrates a scenario in which the chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption helps to fully protect the vehicle from liquidation risk in chapter 7 bankruptcy. The second example demonstrates a scenario in which the chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption is insufficient to fully protect the vehicle, thus exposing the debtor to liquidation risk.

  • Example 1: Vehicle fully protected by chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption. Debtor owns a car with a fair market value of $10,000.00. Debtor is making monthly payments on his or her car loan and remains current on same. The loan pay off is $8,000.00. By using the chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption for vehicles on this item, this car remains protected from liquidation risk. This particular debtor needs to protect the remaining $2,000.00 of exposed equity on his or her car. Ohio’s chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption for a motor vehicle is $3,775.00, more than enough to cover the excess equity in this case.
  • Example 2: Vehicle still at risk of liquidation after applying Ohio’s motor vehicle bankruptcy exemption. Debtor owns a truck with a fair market value of $9,000.00. This vehicle is owned free and clear of any loan. The debtor is the only person on the vehicle title. By applying Ohio’s chapter 7 bankruptcy exemption for motor vehicles, this debtor can protect $3,775.00 of the $9,000.00 fair market value, thus leaving $5,225.00 of equity exposed. Creditors may be interested in receiving some of this amount, thus forcing liquidation of the debtor’s truck. In most cases, the debtor may receive an opportunity to save the vehicle by paying this amount to the bankruptcy estate, however many debtors are not in a position to make this purchase. Additional help may be available to this debtor if he or she is filing jointly with a spouse who happens to also be on the same title, thus creating a second exemption which can be applied to the same truck. Finally all debtors are permitted one “wildcard bankruptcy exemption” ($1,250.00) which can be applied to their property.


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  1. STOP wage garnishments
  2. STOP collection lawsuits
  3. STOP creditor phone calls
  4. STOP home foreclosure
  5. STOP utility shut off
  6. TAKE CONTROL over medical debt
  7. TAKE CONTROL over credit card debt



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